Karzan Hama

About Karzan Hama

Coming from the capital of culture, Sulaymaniyah, Karzan holds a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. He has been involved in teaching English to students of a variety of levels and ages for the past seven years, from complete beginners to near-native speakers. He has always led, motivated and stimulated students at all levels to achieve success. His primary goal is to always give his students opportunities to improve their English skills and gain self-confidence so that they can freely express their thoughts and attitudes in English. In his classes, he uses different methods and props to help students master the English language. He is expert at balancing teaching and having fun to make the class engaging and fascinating for the students. Hoping to help learners to easily overcome challenges that lie in the process of learning a foreign language and enabling them to feel the joy accompanied with using English properly, Karzan will remain dedicated to sharing his wonderful teaching and learning experiences in the world of English language.