Didar Shwani

About Didar Shwani

I was born in Kirkuk, 1967. in late 1980s, I had the privilege to emigrate to the UK. While I was in the UK, for further education purposes, I had to retake my sixth forum exams, in addition to 2 A levels; English and Math. Then I set my goals and studied Marketing at University of Westminster – London. During my years at university, I worked for a private company which used to act as an agent for British Standard Agency. Although life in the UK was generously kind to me, I had a change of heart, and I decide to change my career. And so, I went for linguistics/ Teaching English. To start with, it was like climbing the highest possible mountain, but later, with a strong will power, I managed to find my path. First, I passed my CAE exam, this was followed by CPE. Only then I was qualified to study the subject of teaching English. The latter journey began with TESOL – Trinity College, and then CELTA – Cambridge, from 2003 to 2007.  With hard and diligent work, in 2008, I managed to enroll in DELTA- Module One- University of Cambridge- LEVEL 7 (Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching). Two years later, in 2010, I took the challenge of DELTA -Module Two (Developing Professional Practice.), and finally,2014- 2016, DELTA – Module Three (English Language Teaching Management).

Independent IELTS Instructor and Academic writing Tutor

CAE- CPE – University of Cambridge

TESOL- Trinity College

CELTA – DELTA 1,2,3 University of Cambridge