Teachers and Staff

Meet our Team

Management Staff

Aram Ahmed
Managing Director & Co-Founder

I am proud to manage Collins Institute of English alongside friendly staff and teachers. I have more than 8 years of experience in international education consultancy. I am also certified by the British Council and I have several educational certificates for holding workshops in the UK, Canada, Ireland and UAE.

Ari Mohammed
CEO & Co-Founder

I graduated in computer science from Dijlah University College and I have been working for several years in education consultancy.

Our Teachers

Nursi Yaseen

Born and raised in Erbil, Nursi discovered his passion for English at the age of 9 when his parents wrote the English alphabet on a piece of paper for him to internalize, preparing him with the necessary tool for grade 5 in primary school where he would academically study the language for the first time.

Khabat Mohammed

My name is Khabat. I have studied English for a number of years, and I am now in the final year at the Department of Education at Lebanese French University. I have worked as an employee in The Independent High Electrical Commission for two years and I have been working as a teacher at Collins Institute for nearly two years.

Karzan Hama

Coming from the capital of culture, Sulaymaniyah, Karzan holds a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. He has been involved in teaching English to students of a variety of levels and ages for the past seven years, from complete beginners to near-native speakers.

Hunar Ismail

Has been teaching English for 6 years in different language schools and institutions including Collins International Institute, other institutes. He holds a bachelor degree in English Language from Salahaddin University, College of Education. He has taken a CELTA Preparation course for teacher training, and participated in many teacher training programs.

Dilsoz Hatam

Dlsoz Hatam is a graduate of Salahaddin University. He holds BA in English Language. He has been teaching English to speakers of other languages for more than 9 years at different language institutions and schools through the implementation of various programmes, methods and techniques. He teaches at Collins Institute of English in Erbil.

Sokar Musleh

Recognized for her motivation and learner-centered classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to learners, Sokar is a professional teacher who delivers lessons that beget success. Filled with enthusiasm for the language, she attended the English department at Salahaddin University and immediately obtained her MA in English literature, thanks to being one of the top-ranking students.

Didar Shwani

I was born in Kirkuk, 1967. in late 1980s, I had the privilege to emigrate to the UK. While I was in the UK, for further education purposes, I had to retake my sixth forum exams, in addition to 2 A levels; English and Math. Then I set my goals and studied Marketing at University of Westminster – London. During my years at university, I worked for a private company which used to act as an agent for British Standard Agency.


Khalat Ahmed